This is FTFY: Fixed That For You

11.26.2018   |

Do you make, break, and tinker with things? Are you a seeker of unconventional wisdom? Like to celebrate engineer-specific thinking? Then welcome to FTFY, also known as Fixed That For You—a show about solving problems with data and algorithms.

Launches January 14.


Dana Lewis: We had some experience with programming and building things but we both had this mindset of we're gonna go learn what we need to do to solve a problem.

Rashied Amini: The first thing we need to do is simply to collect data.

Cara Santa Maria: Welcome to, Fixed That For You. A brand new podcast from segment about challenging problems solved with data and algorithms.

Dana Lewis: I had trained the computer to do it the way I would have.

Cara Santa Maria: Hey. My name’s Cara Santa Maria. I'm a science journalist who's fascinated by the problem-solving process of engineers and developers.

Scott Leibrand: I come to everything from a perspective of optimization.

Cara Santa Maria: So in every episode of Fixed That For You we'll tackle small problems, serious problems, mysterious problems even weird problems.

Keith Still: Imagine you have an egg and you're gonna try and push it back into a chicken.

Cara Santa Maria: Okay. Maybe not that weird.

Nilay Kulkarni: The user is never wrong.

Cara Santa Maria: And we learn about the iterative process behind inventive solutions to those problems.

Nilay Kulkarni: The spun up a prototype made out of cardboard and aluminum foil.

Cara Santa Maria: Devised by engineers, software developers, computer scientists and everyday people who are doing incredible things with data.

Dana Lewis: Somebody has described the way we work as intuitive engineering.

Cara Santa Maria: From preventing human stampedes to building an artificial pancreas to healing a broken heart and so much more there's probably an algorithm for that.

Stephen Marche: The algorithm did actually give me a pretty interesting premise.

Cara Santa Maria: Fixed that for you launches on Monday, January 14th.

Nilay Kulkarni: It's quite different from the stuff that they teach you in school.

Cara Santa Maria: We drop a new episode every two weeks. So subscribe at Apple podcast, Google podcast, Spotify or wherever you do that sort of thing. And go to segment.com/podcast to learn more about the show.

Trailer - This is FTFY: Fixed That For You

Trailer - This is FTFY: Fixed That For You